The development of a product can be divided into a number of phases

1Creative idea
In this phase, LieMo tests the rough sketches of a creative idea against the market; often partial designs already exist. It is important to the customer that the final product is unique. It is therefore important to properly test the features and get feedback from the customer.
In this phase, LieMo defines the preconditions (package of requirements). This is where all decisions about the product to be developed are made. Before actual development begins, all specifications are clearly defined.
Once the specifications of the product to be developed are clear, LieMo starts analysing the designs. We then test the design against the requirements and return the analysed designs to the customer. At this stage the following issues are discussed:
  • Schematisch ontwerp
  • Flow charts
  • 3D design of the housing
  • Verpakkingsontwerp
2Product development
Realisation of a working prototype performing all the new product’s technical functions. LieMo realises the following themes during this phase:
  • Pcb ontwerp
  • The embedded software
  • Rrealisation of stereolithography housing
  • Realisation of the stand mould ( verpakking)
2 Construction phase
Final product
The product is now ready for production. During development, LieMo naturally takes into account the cost price and availability of components.
2 Production management
To keep production costs low, the product is assembled in Slovakia by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company. Based on sales forecasts, products are held in stock at LieMo.