2-Wire Switch

– Easy to install, just replace the switch2-wire dimmer
– No extra wires to install
– Automatic input voltage detection 12 / 24V
– Built in soft-start for longer bulb life
– High efficiency through switch mode techniques
– High power 60W@12V / 120W@24V
– Controlled by microprocessor


The dimmer is designed as a built in wall fixture. The 2-wire dimmer is suitable for 12 or 24 V DC light bulbs and halogen lighting.

A soft-start feature ensures a long lifetime for the lights. The light is off when the dimmer is set to ‘fully dimmed’ and the current consumed by the dimmer is then only about 1 mA (this is significantly less than the self-discharge of the battery).


2-wire dimmerThe dimmer can be connected in the same way as a switch and can therefore replace the switch in an existing installation. The dimmer can be attached to the plus or minus power line. A build-in box can be used if required (make: Berker, type B.MOBIL). Note that if the dimmer is connected wrongly the light will shine continuously.