Full automatic wiper control system to control up to 2 wipers.

– Simple operation by 3 pushbuttonscontrol dual picture
– Selection of continue operation or 3 pre-programmed interval operations
– Synchronous movement of the wipers on interval program
– Built-in ‘windscreen-wash’ function
– Each wiper-motor protected by fuse (automatic recovering)
– Power supply 12 and 24 Volt

Most yachts have more than one wipers mounted. When these are switched on simultaneously the wipers will move unanimous. The Wiper control eliminates this behaviour. The wipers will move synchronous during the pre-programmed intervals. The lifetime of the wipers is significantly longer because the interval program is used.

The Wiper control is operated by three pushbuttons. The wipers are switched on with the pushbutton on the left. It also selects which interval program is used. The pushbutton in de middle selects which wiper-group is switched on. By pushing the right pushbutton the ‘windscreen-wash’ function is activated. When releasing this button, the wipers will wipe a few times. Each wiper-motor is internal overload protected by a smart-fuse. The smart-fuse is an automatic recovering type.

Technical specifications

print control dual pictureSupply voltage: 10 – 30 V DC
Max. current per motor: 10 A
Wiper groups: 2
Wiper amount: 2
Connection water pump/valve: 1
Housing: water-resistant, dashboard
Drill hole: 75 mm
Panel measurements: 90mm x 90mm x 47mm (h x w x d)