To charge several batteries using one alternator or charger, you can use a charge divider (diode block) or separator (isolating relay). Both options are suitable for 12 and 24V systems and have no voltage drop.

Product description
The Battery Isolator is an electronic device which is designed to distribute the charge current with a low voltage drop between several (sets of) batteries with the same nominal voltage.
The Battery Isolator prevents the current from flowing from one battery to another. The Battery Isolator can only be installed in the positive lead between the supplying source (for in stance a charger or an alternator) and the batteries. Therefore the negative output of the supplying source should be connected directly to the negative connections of the battery sets. The Battery Isolator has no voltage drop when the batteries are fully charged. This is achieved by using the latest electronic technologies, other diode splitters have at least a voltage drop of 0,7 Volt and at a high charging current this voltage drop can reach 1,5 Volt.
The voltage drop of the Battery Isolator will never exceed 0,4 Volt at max amperage. At a charging current of 20 Amps. per battery, the voltage drop is negligible. The Battery Isolator has therefore no influence on the charging characteristics of the charger or the alternator. Diode compensation is not required to be able to charge the batteries up to 100%