2-Wire Module
– Automatic input voltage detection 12 / 24V2-wire module
– Built in soft-start for longer bulb life
– High efficiency through switch mode techniques
– High power 60W@12V / 120W@24V
– Controlled by microprocessor
– No extra wires to install
– You can choose your own switch

Introduction :

Suitable for light bulbs and halogen lighting; 12 or 24 V direct current.
‘Softstart’ ensures a long lifetime for the lights. The light is off when the dimmer is set to ‘fully dimmed’ and the current taken by the dimmer is
then only about 1 mA. (This is significantly less than the self-discharge of the battery.)

Installing :

Push button switches (pulse switches) must be used to operate the dimmer (you can choose your own switch). Push button switches can be connected in parallel to allow more than one operating point (hotel switching).

Operating by using (one of) the connected push button switch(es)
Press briefly: lighting is switched on with the most recently set light strength or switched off.
Press for a longer time: to adjust the light strength.

– Power supply : 12 or 24V direct current
– Power supply limits : 8 to 30V
– Maximum loading : 60W@12V / 120W@24V
– Safety protection : built-in thermal fuse 10 A (no self-reset)