All automatic controlled products of LieMo Electronics have intelligent behaviour. To get such intelligent behaviour you need a system with the right balance between well-thought electronics and an advanced computing system. The technique of using a custom made computer system embedded into an electronic system is called an Embedded System. This system is the brain of every intelligent controlled system. This technique makes static electronics dynamic.

For example one of the latest products of LieMo Electronics the ‘Modular Wiper Control’. One of the key features is the synchronous wiping at high speed. This feature was impossible without an embedded system. Another feature is the linkability of the wiper control. Because of this feature the Control Panel communicates with one or more power modules. This kind of communication couldn’t take place without an embedded system.   

An Embedded System is very dynamic because of its software. This is one of the reasons why we are able to develop new products in a short time. Depending on the electronic design we can realise almost all wishes of the customer up to the latest phase of the development process.

Embedded controllers

Microchip logoLieMo Electronics uses a range of controllers such as the ARM, AVR, and PIC families of processors.  These controllers are low-cost, have a small footprint, a range of peripherals and are fast enough to use in our products. For future projects we can implement features like CAN, Ethernet, USB and others.

Our embedded software engineers are specialists in…

To ensure that our embedded software engineers and hardware engineers are up to date with the latest techniques of the embedded world. They are constantly improving their knowledge. With years of experience the embedded software engineers are experts in developing the right embedded software for your system.

We have experience in using techniques like:

  • Alarm handling (Voltage protection, current protection,  …)
  • Designing for testability
  • Measurements (Temperatures,…)
  • Serial communication (RS485, RS232, I2C, SPI,…)
  • LCD interfacing

And of course every new technique which we can use to realize your wishes.