Voltage Guard
The Voltage Guard protects batteries from deep discharge by disconnecting loads when a preset low voltage level is reached. This is critical to ensuring a long battery lifetime. The Voltage Guard also provides fixed point over-voltage protection.

– High current capacity, 100A (150A peak).
– Automatic system voltage detection (12V or 24V).
– Adjustable under voltage selection using a dial.
– Built in damping, therefore insensitive to voltage dips.
– Very low power consumption through solid-state technologies rather then old relay technology.
– Maintenance free through solid-state technology.
– Battery main switch functionality when a switch is connected.
– Over-voltage protection (fixed 15V or 30V).
– Overload and temperature protection.
– Discrete alarm signal during low voltage and fault detection.

The status of the Voltage Guard is indicated through a multi-colour LED light. When the battery voltage is within the operating range the light will be green and the output enabled.

When the voltage is lower than the set point the LED will turn orange. After 30 seconds the output will be switched off and the LED will turn red. A long audible tone will sound three times to indicate the error.

The output will be switched off if the battery voltage rises above 15V or 30V. The LED will then be red. A medium duration audible tone will sound three times to indicate the error.

If the Voltage Guard is overloaded for a long period of time the output will also be disabled. A short audible tone will sound three times to indicate the error.

Technical specifications:
Current (continuous / intermitted) : 100 A / 150 A
Supply voltage : 8 tot 30 V dc
Low voltage setting range 12V : 9 – 12 V dc
Low voltage setting range 24V : 18 – 24 V dc
Measurements (l x b x h) : 145mm x 92mm x 85mm

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