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2-wire dimmer switch


The dimmer is intended for building in. The 2-wire dimmer is suitable for light bulbs and halogen light-ing; 12 or 24 V direct current.

‘Softstart’ ensures a long lifetime for the lights. The light is off when the dimmer is set to ‘fully dimmed’ and the current taken by the dimmer is then only about 1 mA. (This is significantly less than the self-discharge of the battery.)


Dimmer switch zk

Dimmer switch

The dimmer can be connected in the same way as a switch and can there-fore replace the switch in an existing instal-lation. The dimmer can be fitted in both the plus and the minus wire.A build-in box can be used if required (make: Berker, type B.MOBIL).If the dimmer is connected wrongly the light will be on continuously.



Press briefly:lighting is switched on with the most recently set light strength or switched off.
Press for a longer time:to adjust the light strength.

Technical details:

2 Channel DC light dimmer

Wiper module

Technical specifications

Max. load: 200W @ 12V en 400W @ 24
Per group: 100W @ 12V en 200W @ 24
Input voltage: 10 tot 30 V D
Number of groups: 2
Modules connectable: 10 max.
Switches per group: unlimited
Switch contact type: make contact – pulse (NO)
Potmeters per group: 1
Measurements (l x b x h): 146  x 67  x 97 mm

Modular Wiper Control

Powermodule front

Full automatic wiper control system to control up to 9  wipers with synchronous movement at all speeds and intervals.

Panel frontMost yachts have more than one wiper mounted. When these are switched on simultaneously the wipers will move unanimous. The  Modular Wiper Control eliminates this behavior. The wipers will move  synchronous   during all speeds  and intervals! In high speed mode the wipers have a “softstart”. This decreases the peak in power consumption at startup and increases the lifespan of the motor.

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