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Idea to product

The creation of a new product can be characterised by several stages of development.

Creative Idea
In this stage the product as a concept is evaluated for uniqueness and market potential. These properties are clearly important for a customer and are the starting points for any product.

Definition Phase
During this phase the product requirements are specified. This is a blueprint that details all choices made related to the product and its function. It is important that all requirements be clearly documented before actual development begins.

Analysis Phase
Once the requirements have been laid out the analysis phase begins. Here the requirements are translated into various virtual products. These are evaluated together with the customer, finally resulting in a product design containing items such as:

  • Functional flow charts
  • Design schematics
  • Enclosure 3D model
  • Packaging design

In this phase one or more actual working prototypes are built and evaluated. This phase includes:

  • PCB design
  • Embedded software
  • Rapid prototyped enclosure
  • Stamp design for packaging

Final Product
Manufacturing costs and component availability have been kept in mind during the design and implementation stages. The product is now ready for production.

Liemo can manage the production of your new product. With certified (ISO 9001) manufacturing contacts in eastern Europe, production cost are optimized while maintaining the highest quality. Inventory can be kept at Liemo electronics depending on sales prognosis.