ClinometerClinometer pic
The Clinometer is used to check the load balancing of a vessel. A row of external and on-screen lights indicate when the vessel is level or listing to one side.

– Microprocessor control.
– Automatic horizontal calibration through one push of a button.
– Electronic 5 level damping to filter ships movement.
– Movement is indicated using 8 LEDs and 8 external lights.
– Built in self test.
– Built in dimmer function.

The output terminals are on the back side of the Clinometer. After installation the Clinometer can be calibrated with one push of a button. This calibration only has to be done once (the values will be stored in its memory). A self test will be done whenever the Clinometer is switched on. All the light will then briefly be turned on.

A dimmer function is built in. This for night use when a lower intensity is needed. A five-level electronic damping filter compensates for general ship movement (heel and roll).

Technical specifications :
– Supply voltage: 10 – 30 V DC.
– Power consumption: 40 mA
– Output load: 25 Watt/output.
– Housing: water-resistant, dashboard
– Drill hole: 75 mm
– Panel measurements: 90mm x 90mm x 47mm (h x w x d)

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